Mice one third fat loss because of natural protein

Yes, you may not believe but is actually true one study says that one mice or you can say obese mice got a 1/3rd  fat loss with the help of natural protein.

As per, published scientific reports the protein which is responsible for this name is protein FGFBP3 (BP3 for short). It’s a special type of protein actually it’s a natural protein, not an artificial drug.

BP3 belongs to the family of fibroblast growth factor (FGF) binding proteins (BP). Some FGF acts like hormones. This FGF can be found in the organism from humans to worms. This protein also is known as binding proteins because it is used for wound healing, injury healing, and regulating cell growth.

Investigators says that “We found that eight BP3 treatments over 18 days were enough to reduce the fat in obese mice by over a third,” says the study’s senior investigator, Anton Wellstein, MD, PhD, a professor of oncology and pharmacology at Georgetown Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center. 

This study says that this protein also helps to reduce many obese related problems which we actually face example it helps to reduce making of excess blood sugar in the body which surely reduce the future diabetics patients if we tried on humans.

Clinically proven that it eliminate the fat in their fatty livers and researchers also said that not clinically as well as microscopic examination of the mice says that there is no side effect of this protein which is great isn’t it?

Obesity is now becoming the major disease syndrome worldwide you will not believe that the count is 650 million and it’s increasing because of this obesity many disorders or problem we face insulin resistance, glucose intolerance, hypertension and elevated lipids in the blood.

So this is mice obesity problem solved by researchers while now we have to wait for this to come to market for humans so we also  get all the benefits from this protein.


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