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Sniffing Dog

Ever wonder how the drugs sniffing dog are trained and how they catches and help the cops to find the bags full of drug.sometimes the drug is imposible to find but these dogs are so precisely trained that they find the drug quickly.

It’s easy to train dog for anything not only drugs but to sniff the blood,bullet shell,crime suspects etc by persistance and patience this big task is easily achieved.lets find how this happen.

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First thing which is necessary is that the dog must a dog first i know this sounds wierd but its true the most important thing in this that the dog must have the good sense of smell that’s why I told a dog must be a dog first because the law enforcement uses some special kind of dogs including members of the retriever family, German Shepherds and beagles, all of whom have an impressive sense of smell.

once a particular dog or bread is selected now its time to make that breed use the god gifted tool for humans. These dogs are now trained so perfectly that they sniff out the thi9ngs from anywhere it starts with some simple things like ball, balloons filled with juice, a toy with its smell populer toy is chosen by sniffer trainers are white towels which is easily recognized by the dogs and it can be cleaned so the towel’s scent is minimized and the dos know what happened trainers also make the dogs to play the famous game of all time Tug of War with the towel.

sniffing dogs-somupo
Sniffing Dogs

now they recognize that the dogs are successful in the training then the toy is now replaced with the desired things like blood, money the toy is given the drug smell so the dog can find the drug sometime the drug smell is kept low to make the dog smelling sense to improve.They are trained to sniff the hidden memory cards , hard drives and such things and these dogs are trined to sniff hackers with the drives yes it’s true

now you got the things like how the dogs are trained you also use this technique in your daily life to train the dogs but remember one thing is training the dog take time, persistence, patience and most important thing which is love and care, after all, they are animals which are more fare greater than humans I love dogs and animals they understand and be with us even when humans leave us sorry for advice it’s my personal opinion

Guys thankyou for reading this post we do come with these kinds of stuff stay tuned and share the post love love and finally thanks for coming.

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