Eating chocolate can save you against tooth decay

Almost every child have heard that don’t eat too much chocolate it will damage your teeth and you will face a tooth decay and many teeth related problems even moms don’t support chocolate for children.

But studies prove that chocolate can not cause tooth decay but instead can protect you against tooth decay ( actually it made me happy to eat more chocolate ).

Sounds amazing? Let’s explore.

Type of chocolate matters?


Yes, before you think to eat more chocolate wait buddies eating chocolate is good for health and tooth decay also but which type of chocolate you are eating matters a lot.

Trying the most delicious chocolate and liked by many chocolate lovers our dark chocolate!!. Opting this dark chocolate is more beneficial since it contains less sugar and you can eat 6 to 8 grams per serving that much is ok for you.

Since chocolates are good for us eating other chocolate also safe rather than other sweets like candy, and desserts containing the same amount of sugar. Other chocolate with more sweet, because of the protecting nature of the chocolate the bad effect will be less so prefer chocolate rather than other sweet products.

How chocolate fights tooth decay?


Before this first look how tooth decay occurs when you eat sugar contain products, the bacteria on our mouth change the sugar into acids which result as tooth decay. This is why eating more product which contains sugar leads to more cavities.

Chocolate contain compounds which are anti-bacterial they protect our mouth to form sugar into acids which prevent tooth decay.

Chocolate contains one compound name CBH is used to protect our teeth this compound usually found in toothpaste and mouthwash The CBH compound is also used to strengthen our tooth enamel and protects you against cavities.

Conclusion: chocolate contains some compounds which prevent tooth decay and instead of eating some sugar-containing products prefer chocolate which contains the same amount of sugar somewhat it is beneficial than others.

So this is all about chocolate check out our other post we come with this kind of article so be with us and finally thanks for coming.


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