7 best ways to study effectively

Scientist believe that there are some many ways through which study can be effective some ways here  I am mentioning just for you guys so you can apply can grow rich (yes you got it right !!) this ways are applicable for all whether you are a student, employee, businessman,  house wife etc these things are applicable for all so Not bore you get to the point lets get started.

  1. Read Your Notes Loud
read loudly

Yes, sit in a quiet place or a place where no one disturb you and there you can apply the technique and get full benefit of it.You can start by reading loud that much so that you can listen it clearly ( please read for your self don’t disturb your neighbours ok !! ) .

In this technique you are not only pay attention with your eyes but also your ears. So this technique make you to remember the things long ( like long-lasting fragrance ). sorry for the joke i think you got it.

2.  Put On Some Music


listening to some music will surely make your day. During studying listening music will make your study effective and you feel good. This technique is applicable for some people only because it’s all about concentration if you can concentrate without listening to music then I prefer you that you should study without music.

Some school student had said and study prove that some playlist of music help them in studing and usually the music studies found they are soft and hard depending on users    

3. Go for Online Help

online help is best for your study. There are two ways first is youtube and second is google on youtube there are many videos through which one can make the topic very much clear and if something he or she miss then google is there for us to help.

Online help is an effective way for best result out of it so i prefer this technique .Google some definition i also got the definition of something which is lengthy on my notes and google definition is shorter so think logically and go for it    

4. Sitting Straight On Chair

Sitting Straight

Sitting straight is very important in studing this sitting technique is influence or coming from ancient indians ayuvedaic mans  who says that sitting straight will improve concentration and improve the efficiency of the person.

Indians you are in a lounge or bed sitting is an important or ayurvedic point. The science behind this is as the body relax our brain also get relax and we feel sleepy or lazy so the conclusion is that sitting straight will definitely improve your study quality .



Now i know every one got sad after listening this but believe that exercise will definetly help you improve your study quality it help us in two ways first excercise wil help you in remembering the key points in notes which you want you to be remember. 

Secondly, exercise increases the rate of blood flow in the whole body which result in high blood flow in our mind which maintain our focus and concentration and our mind stay stable and claim. After knowing this much then also some will put this into action no worry just remember without hard work no one in this world is ever succeeded (this is my point of view).

6. Making Notes and Marking Important Points

Making Notes

I know many of us now agree with me and almost all know this point I mentioned this to cover all aspects. So who don’t know making notes will help you in revision you quickly revise the longer contents and marking the definitions is always beneficial since childhood studies so,i think you got the point well.

7. Grouping


Group study is also good for you sometimes these things happen like I don’t want to study and another one is ready so he or she will make your mood fresh for study so grouping is also another good option of course this option has a negative feedback but I recommend making that kind of groups so you will never regret. 

so these are the technique which definitely improves study quality and efficiency so guys this much for today we will come more things like this so stay tuned, grab knowledge and improve daily Finally thanks for coming. 

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